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Teamspeak is a background run voice communication program that utilizes minimal bandwidth while supplying superior quality. The Ordo Imperialis moved from Ventrilo to Teamspeak in 2011 in demand of further compatibility, available features, customization and administration including the ability to host its own full Teamspeak service for the use of it's members, friends and allies.


  • Name: The Ordo Imperialis
  • Address:
  • Password: No Password / Publicly Accessible
  • Location: Central United States



You may find a Teamspeak 3 installation from the developers download page, for your security, please do not download from anywhere else.


There are a few ways to connect to teamspeak...

  • Bookmark: If you are already connected, you may select "Add to Bookmarks" under the Bookmarks menu and it will add that server to that menu. You may also edit or manage these bookmarks by selecting "Manage Bookmarks". Here you can change the features of your connection, address, nickname and more.
  • Connect: You may enter the appropriate information under the connections menu > connect.
  • Server List: After setting the proper filters, you may find our server in the server list under "The Ordo Imperialis"
  • Web Site: When you have Teamspeak installed, you may also go visit the address website or follow this invitation. It will request permissions to launch Teamspeak and connect you to the server.

Additional Features

  • Channel/s: To enter a channel, double-click on it, by clicking on the channel, you're also able to see additional information about that channel.
  • Chat: Every client has the ability to send messages to the channel they are in at the bottom of the main window. You may also double-click a client to send them a private message.
  • Clients: You are a client, if you can not see other clients make sure your bookmark automatically subscribes you to all channels, click on the subscribe to channels eye at the top or right-click and subscribe to the channel you want to see.
  • Groups: We assign mostly only server groups, to see more details of what these groups stand for, the entry channel description will list all available.
  • Nickname: You may change your nickname by editing your bookmark or connection, or by double-clicking on yourself.

Recommended Settings

Specific settings that are recommended, unmentioned may be set to whatever you prefer.


  • [X] Reconnect on Resume
  • [X] Auto update nickname in bookmark
  • [X] Warn while muted & talking
  • (o) Subscribe to all Channels


  • (o) Expand all channels on login
  • [ ] Sort clients below channel
  • [X] Display country flags
  • [X] Show channel commander as lamp
  • [X] Show away message beside nickname


  • [X] Save channel passwords


  • (o) Push-To-Talk [Whatever hotkey you like]
  • [X] Echo Reduction
  • [X] Echo Cancellation
  • [X] Advanced Options
  • [X] Remove Background Noise.
  • [X] Automatic voice gain control (this auto balances your mic, but it not used for a while, takes a few seconds to kick in.)
  • [X] Delay releasing push to talk 0.3secs
  • [X] Echo reduction 10dB


  • [X] Log chats
  • [X] Reload chatlogs

If you ever have trouble talking in-game or getting some features to work, try running it in administrative mode.

How to set Teamspeak to run in administration mode every time.

  1. Right-click the shortcut or program.
  2. Properties menu selection.
  3. /Compatibility\ tab.
  4. [X] Run this program as an administrator.