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Welcome to The Ordo Imperialis Wiki

currently under construction

The Ordo Imperialis is a military inspired and structured gaming community founded to provide organization, both in and out of battle across all platforms. Supported by years of organized gaming, the Ordo combines its standards and experience with this strong sense of community allows for one of the many key's to its success. With a significant player base already and across other platforms, we are now seeking to expand further and we want you. We're looking for members of all levels, from your basic player to our combat leaders. We provide incentives and rewards in recognition of your accomplishments along side an extensive awards system and progression tracking throughout the Ordo community as a whole. Your rank in the community stands universally and your achievements available for all. On top of these numerous options of contribution and participation, the Ordo already supports other divisions and projects similar to the administrative avenues such as our education administration for those who are inclined to pursue and explore them.

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