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Our list of past, inactive, active and future chapters!


The Ordo Imperialis actively participates in several gaming experiences. Supported games and games of interest by members depending on type regularly have chapters assigned to maximize member benefits. Ordo members may participate and join multiple chapters by our central hubs of communication, Forums and Teamspeak. You may also find other gaming interests under our gaming discussion board.


Chapters are sections of and supported by the Ordo Imperialis, it's members and staff based by game or area of gaming. Chapters may be planned and funded by any actively participating member with enough interest in the community or a plan of approach. Chapter boards are located under our forums chapter section.

The below information is updated as often as possible but may be out of date or may or may not be active at the moment. For more details check our forums, Teamspeak or contact one of our officers.

**Denotes currently active chapter
Game Staff Information Additional Notes
ArcheAge Odin047, Valos Kyrios Server[Beta] Alpha Server [Alpha] Guild active and recruiting through all stages of development.
ArmA II Afevis Owned Server Events, missions and operations held often.
ArmA III Firefox Owned & Various Servers Private/Public events and operations often held based on interest and leadership.
DayZ Firefox Owned & Various Servers Private/Public events and occupancies held based on interest and leadership.
DC Universe Xoza Villain PvE server. League available, building membership and gauging interest.
Defiance Xoza Clan Available
Battlefield FireFox, WerewolfShaman, Xoza BF3 Platoon & BF4 Platoon Available
Blacklight Azuriae, Hollomenphobia, Kellervo Platoon Available
Elder Scrolls Online Monkeyfuzz Ebonheart Pact NA Megaserver Guild Available & Recruiting. Working on PvP & PvE
Final Fantasy XIV Aldotsk Gilgamesh/Balmong Server Free Company Available.
Firefall ** Dixen, Xoza Multiple Army's available Search "Ordo Imperialis" in army list and enlist for invite.
Guild Wars 2 Kyra, Recalibar Maguuma Server Guild Available
Minecraft ** Afevis, Firefox Owned & Various Servers Ordo Imperialis modded servers available.
Neverwinter Calohar, Odin047 Dragon Server Guild available.
Planetside 2 ** FireFox, Gavrielloken, Odin047, Xoza Emerald Server, Terran Republic Outfit available. Weekly activity and operations, monthly training sessions.
Renegade X Afevis Server
Second Life Aryte Vesperia and The Ordo Imperialis Tribunal Titan & Other Outposts History of a private region and outposts. Original founding location of the Ordo Imperialis SL military.
Star Citizen Firefox, Kanaka, Zerowinged Organization Available Actively recruiting, apply today!
Star Conflict Akara, Xoza Empire Primarily Corporation Available
Star Trek: Online Grant, Wolfshaman, Xoza Fleets available on both sides. Thank you to The Temporal Directive for their friendship.
Star Wars Galaxies Darkpoet, Kal, Xoza SWGEmu Basilisk Server Empire/Neutral Player city located on Talus.
Star Wars: The Old Republic ** Cel'osia, Darkpredator, Darkprotector, Hesruk, Inferna, Jundani, Kavia, Lilys, Stome, Xara, Savrix, Xoza, Zeta Begeren Colony Server Ordo Imperialis (Empire) & Ordo Meridius (Republic) fully featured guilds available. Operations, PvP, and Conquest Objectives are always ongoing, check our calendar! Strongholds available on both sides and an Imperial Flag Ship is available for use.
StarMade Xoza Private/Public Server In development.
War Thunder ** Dixen Hardcore
Warframe ** Huttser, Kellervo, Riff Dojo Available
Wildstar ** Deadmon, WolfShaman Dominion, Warbringer Server Actively recruiting.
World of Warcraft MrShaddo, Thenidiel Sen'jin, Horde Max guild and events available.